Things have been busy lately at Daisy Made It HQ.

I was rapidly growing out of my sewing studio – it just couldn’t contain all my sewing, quilting, embroidery AND bag making supplies – so I had to come up with a solution that didn’t involve building another room. I then remembered we had a small bedroom being used as a junk/store/tool room, while work is going on around the house and an idea blossomed.

Firstly we emptied the room, then changed the radiator, decorated it, laid new floor and then brought in a couple of units from my sewing studio to hold supplies and finally got it set up how I wanted it – and more importantly, got Cybil (my second hand industrial cylinder arm) installed and ready to play with. Of course, with removing all my bag making supplies from the other room meant that I would have to have a big sort out in there and could move the remaining desks around and get things just how I want them.

The whole job took a good 3-4 weeks, during which time I got ill, so could only do things at a snails pace, but we got there eventually and doesn’t Cybil look happy in her new home???

I then had my quarterly sewing retreat. I love these weekends, I meet up with old friends, make new ones, have 4 days (I book an extra day) blissful sewing time, eat good food, have lots of laughs and always, come home learning something new. It truly does feed my soul!!! This time I was in the DIY group, I wanted to make an Autumn quilt and had cut hundreds of leaves on my cricut machine, in some beautiful batiks, so I was on a mission to get them all stitched down and quilted before I came home – which I did, but as is usual this time of year, I can’t show too many makes because some of them are Christmas gifts – yes I’ve said it, the C word has passed my lips LOL

So today, has seen me playing with a beautiful piece of vinyl I rediscovered when moving rooms and I made myself an ipad sleeve. I love the vinyl, the piping, the variegated thread, just everything about it. I think this would look great in some nice faux leather too for the guys, will try that tomorrow, I’m sure Ross could use one.

If you feel like making one yourself, you can find the pattern here and the gorgeous pastel rainbow thread is from Little Stitcher Sews here

Happy Sewing!!!!