Custom Bags

A custom made bag is where a customer adds their specifications to one of my current or past designs.

For example, a customer may like the Erica Bowler Bag, but not want a large outer pocket at the rear, or wants certain pockets inside the bag, a key fob attachment, or even just change up the colour/prints to something more personal to them.

Custom bags can take between 8-12 weeks to complete. From the initial enquiry, we will have a discussion stage, where your requirements on style and fabric will be finalised. I will then send you a custom order sheet, detailing the look and this will form our agreement on what fabric will be used and the price of the custom item. I then need time to source the particular fabrics, allow time for those to arrive and then the actual making of the bag, to my usual high standards.

The price will vary depending on the type of fabrics required and the extra work involved. Once we have agreed on your custom bag, full payment will be required before I proceed any further.

Cancellation period: customised products will be processed after 7 days from the date of the agreement. After this period, processing will start and no cancellation, or amendments will be accepted.

I will not make bags using ANY licensed/copyright fabric. Although it is perfectly legal to purchase these fabrics, I am not permitted to sell anything with copyrighted fabric on it, so please don’t ask me to use Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc fabrics.